About the Company

The Chip Merchant Philosophy

The Chip Merchant is committed to providing customers with the most leading-edge technology, services and solutions to meet or exceed their requirements. This includes providing high-quality components, competitive pricing and unparalleled technical support solutions that distinguishes The Chip Merchant from its competitors.

TCM has a firm commitment on developing solid partner relationships with technology industry leaders such as Apple, Intel, Western Digital, AMD, ATI Technologies, et al., in order to provide customers with the most sophisticated IT business solutions, as well as multiple levels of computer IT support.

Corporate Overview

Founded in 1985 and privately held, The Chip Merchant continues with its foundation in place: a strong commitment to the customer. By listening to customers and delivering a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the marketplace, The Chip Merchant has enjoyed extraordinary growth.

The company’s upward growth curve is escalating and it is forecasting a substantial increase in sales. Since enhancing its management team and ownership, The Chip Merchant has strengthened its market position and significantly grown in both gross profits and overall profitability to record levels.

The Chip Merchant corporate headquarters are owned and operated in San Diego, where sales and marketing, IT technical support, customer service, finance, and engineering are located.

The Chip Merchant Product and Service Offerings

The Chip Merchant’s product solutions include a vast array of hardware, notebooks, software, networking products, systems, electronics, servers, data storage solutions, upgrades and a wide variety of other computer related peripherals and components.

The company’s wide range of technology service options include on-site service, depot repair, time and material, telephone tech support, extended warranties, advance replacements, on-site installation, preventative maintenance and complete systems integration.

The Chip Merchant is one of the nation’s leading reseller of memory modules. In addition, the company adds value to the resale of their entire product offering by providing each customer with a custom integrated solution, delivered and sustained by a customer-driven support and technical staff that is unmatched in the industry.

Key Markets

The markets The Chip Merchant serves are continually evolving and, because of the company’s unique ability to custom fit its products to virtually any computing environment requirement, are extremely wide ranging. Specific target segments include Fortune 500 and high-technology firms; start-up companies; local, state and federal governments; schools and universities; medical institutions; and research facilities.

The Chip Merchant markets its products through an aggressive direct sales strategy. Customers include Lockheed Martin, NASA, Qualcomm, Sony, Siemens, Full Swing, Yale University, SAIC, Harvard University and many other prominent organizations.