Big Anniversary Update Brings New Features to Windows 10

Windows 10Can you believe it’s been a year since Windows 10 was officially released?

Microsoft is pushing out a big Anniversary Update to celebrate, which means that the folks that upgraded before the July 29th deadline will get to enjoy a whole lot of cool new features absolutely free of charge!

So what’s included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Here’s are a number of new features and updates included in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10:

  • New Windows Ink feature allows you to quickly jot down notes, thoughts or reminders on your digital device. It’s the digital equivalent to sticky notes or a whiteboard!
  • Updates for Windows Defender to keep your computer safe from malware threats.
  • Windows Hello has been updated so you can use the same security offered by Windows Hello with Windows apps and Edge.
  • Lots of Microsoft Edge updates, including
    • Updates to improve efficiency and save your laptop battery life.
    • Important security updates to keep your computer safe.
    • New Microsoft Edge Extensions have been added to the Windows Store: AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, LastPass, Amazon Assistant, and more. (Note: We recommend downloading AdBlock or AdBlock Plus!)
  • Cortana has been updated, allowing you to:
    • Access Cortana from your lock screen, which can come in handy if you wanted to play music or ask a question without having to unlock your device first.
    • Save and access information, like where you parked or your upcoming flight information, across your devices.
  • Educational features have been added for modern classrooms, such as:
    • The ‘Take a Test’ app, which allows educators to create a secure, browser-based environment for online assessments.
    • The ‘Set up School PCs’ app, which teachers can use to set up new devices in 3 simple steps without the help of a dedicated IT support team.
    • The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool, which allows schools with dedicated IT support teams easily setup shared devices.
    • The Education Ready Windows Store, where teachers can quickly find, download and assign both free and paid apps in the Windows Store for Business.
  • Introduction of Skype Preview for Windows 10. Skype has been rebuilt from the ground up to work seamlessly with Windows 10 and will come installed on your PC with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. You will be able to make 1:1 and group video calls, chat via 1:1 and group sessions, call both landlines and mobile phones, share files, send photos, and use emojis. The Skype app has been given a visual overhaul to fit the Windows 10 UI and feel, and you can now respond to messages directly from the notification bar without having to open the app.

When will you get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Microsoft began distributing the Anniversary Update on August 2nd, 2016. The rollout will be done in phases, starting with the newer machines first. If you have your computer set to automatically download and install updates then you should receive the upgrade within the next couple of days (depending on where your computer falls in line).

Don’t feel like waiting? If you want the upgrade now you can get it by going to Settings -> Updates & Security -> Windows Update. If you see “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607” then click update as that is the Anniversary Update. If you don’t see any available updates then you can click ‘Learn more’ (and select your browser if it asks what app to use) to be taken to a webpage to get the Anniversary Update.

At that point you will be prompted to Run the .exe file that was downloaded and voila.. you will have the Anniversary Update!

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts on the new features in the comments below!

[via Windows 10 Blog]

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