Google Glass on Sale to US Residents [April 15th ONLY]

Google GlassHave you been dying to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass? Today is your lucky day, then.

Last week, Google announced that they were expanding their Explorer Program by allowing US residents to purchase their own pair of Glass on April 15th (today!) for  $1,500 + tax.

Availability is said to be limited – and the chance to buy is only good for today (starting at 9am ET) – so anyone interested in buying a pair should order their Glass as quickly as possible.

Where to Buy Google Glass

Google Glass can be purchased online directly from Google here:

Buyers can customize their Glass by selecting their preferred frame style and color. Each pair of Google Glass comes with a pouch, mono earbud, cable and charger.

Are you interested in purchasing a pair of Google Glass? Share your thoughts below!

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