Microsoft to Talk Windows 9 at Annual BUILD Conference, Back Away Slowly from Windows 8

Microsoft Build ConferenceFor those of you who are curious to see what the next version of Windows will be like, you won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

Microsoft is said to be planning on opening up discussion about the future of Windows, including a release codenamed “Threshold” at its annual BUILD developer conference in April.

Threshold (or Windows 9) is believed to be the release that will feature the return of the highly-missed Start menu, along with the ability to run Metro-style apps on the desktop alongside desktop applications, according to Paul Thurrott of Windows SuperSite.

Microsoft is expected to brand “Threshold” as Windows 9 in attempts to scoot away from Windows 8 and the criticism that comes with it – kind of how they dropped Windows Vista in favor of Windows 7.

There won’t be any early alpha releases of Threshold/Windows 9 during the BUILD conference, just an announcement to unveil the future of Windows. Microsoft is still working on a Windows 8.1 service/feature pack called Update 1 expected to ship in April 2014.

Development on Threshold (Windows 9) is scheduled to begin sometime in April 2014 after the BUILD conference, with 3 milestone releases preceding the final release in April 2015.

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