OneDrive Now Available to Users Across the Globe

OneDriveOneDrive is now available for everyone.

It’s only been three weeks since Microsoft first announced plans to rename SkyDrive as OneDrive, but the company is rolling out the changes & offering users the ability to earn more storage space for free.

Existing SkyDrive users don’t have to do anything special to start using OneDrive. All they have to do is go to and login to their account. All of your files will remain intact and existing apps will continue to work.

OneDrive users can enjoy 7 GB of free cloud storage space, like they did with SkyDrive, and have the potential to earn more storage space if they try the new camera backup feature or refer friends & friends to OneDrive. Enabling the camera feature grants users 3GB more storage space, while the family & friends referral program earns 500MB for each referral signup, with 10 being the maximum number of folks you can invite to the service.

Users that need more storage space can upgrade to a paid storage plan by logging into their account & clicking the ‘Get more storage space’ link and clicking ‘Upgrade’. Paid cloud storage plans include 50GB for $25/yr or $4.49/month, 100GB for $50/yr or $7.49/month and 200GB for $100/yr or $11.49/month.

OneDrive is available across every major device & platform, including iOS, OS X and Android. To quickly find & download the OneDrive app on your devices, visit the Download page on

[via Microsoft OneDrive Blog]

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