Microsoft Changing SkyDrive to OneDrive

OneDriveMicrosoft has finally announced the new name for their SkyDrive cloud storage service.

Although Microsoft has used the name SkyDrive for years, the software giant had to consider whether or not the name was worth fighting for after a UK court ruled that the name ‘SkyDrive’ infringed on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) in 2013.

Rather than trying to fight for the right to continue to use ‘SkyDrive’, Microsoft decided to change it to something else – OneDrive.

Wondering where the name OneDrive came from? A Monday post on the OneDrive website gives insight on the naming choice:

“Why OneDrive? We know that increasingly you will have many devices in your life, but you really want only one place for your most important stuff. One place for all of your photos and videos. One place for all of your documents. One place that is seamlessly connected across all the devices you use. You want OneDrive for everything in your life.”

Folks using SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro can expect service to continue as usual during the rebranding process. Microsoft says that content will be available on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (aka SkyDrive Pro) as they rollout the changes.

Anyone wishing to be notified when OneDrive is ready can sign up for alerts on

What do you think of the new name?

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