June Patch Tuesday Mostly Made Up of Internet Explorer Fixes

Windows 8Do you know what today is? It’s Patch Tuesday!

Oh, and it’s also the day that Windows 8.1 users will need to install the Windows 8.1 Update if they want to continue to receive updates from Microsoft moving forward.

Security Updates

Microsoft released 7 security bulletins that address 66 vulnerabilities for Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office products. Most of the vulnerabilities addressed were critical bugs affecting Internet Explorer 6-11.

Below is a list of the bulletins released today:

  • MS14-035: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (2969262)
  • MS14-036: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Graphics Component Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2967487)
  • MS14-034: Vulnerability in Microsoft Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2969261)
  • MS14-033: Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Information Disclosure (2966061) 
  • MS14-032:Vulnerability in Microsoft Lync Server Could Allow Information Disclosure (2969258)
  • MS14-031:Vulnerability in TCP Protocol Could Allow Denial of Service (2962478)
  • MS14-030: Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Could Allow Tampering (2969259) 

Side note: ZDNet reports that Windows XP computers that have been modified using the POSReady hack will receive the updates released today.

Non-Security Updates

In addition to the security fixes, Microsoft also shipped a handful of non-security related updates to Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

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