Lenovo Users: Remove Accelerator Application From Your PC

lenovoIf you have a Lenovo laptop or desktop you may want to check and see if your computer model is listed in the latest security advisory from the company.

Lenovo issued a security advisory on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 following the discovery of a major security flaw within the “Lenovo Accelerator Application” – a tool that comes pre-installed in a number of the company’s desktop and laptops.

According to the advisory, the Accelerator Application “is used to speed up the launch of Lenovo applications” and comes installed on some notebooks & desktop systems running Windows 10. Problem is a component of the Accelerator Application contains a critical flaw that leaves users wide open to man-in-the-middle attacks that could allow an attacker to install malware on the machine. The vulnerability was discovered by Duo Security, a security firm that recently performed an analysis of OEM software update tools from the top five manufacturers, including Lenovo.

How to Uninstall the Lenovo Accelerator Application

To mitigate the threat, Lenovo recommends users uninstall the Accelerator Application by:

  1. Go to “Apps and Features” in Windows 10 (press the Windows key + Q and type “Apps and Features”)
  2. Select the Lenovo Accelerator Application
  3. Click Uninstall

Be sure to check out Lenovo security advisory LEN-6718 to see if your laptop and/or desktop is affected by this vulnerability.

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