The terms “cloud” and “virtualization” are popular buzzwords in the IT industry; however, you may not know what they mean or if they provide any kind of value to your business.

In short, virtualization is the process of creating virtual versions of infrastructure resources, such as a server, operating system, or storage device vs. creating the actual physical version of it.

A cloud, although built on top of a virtual infrastructure, refers to shared computing resources, software or applications that are delivered through the internet.

Neither the cloud nor virtualization is right for everyone, but they are options to be considered if your organization is looking improve the efficiency, availability & performance of your current IT resources.

Virtualization or Cloud: What’s the best option for your company?

Not sure if virtualization or the cloud is right for your business?

A little over two years ago, we built our own cloud virtualization service and have been hosting the servers for our clients ever since. We have companies as small as 2-3 employees using our managed cloud service environment to host business critical applications that they can access from anywhere in the world.

If you can’t decide which route is best for your organization, we can take a look at your existing environment to determine which one is the best choice. Contact us online or call 800-808-2447 to learn more about your virtualization and cloud options today.