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Hosted Email & Hosted Microsoft Exchange for San Diego Businesses

Hosted Email & Exchange Solutions

Selecting the right Hosted Email Solution for your business can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help you make the right choice. Let us assist you in getting setup with the best Hosted Email solution for your business, whether it’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or an alternative Hosted Email service.

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Reliable Hosted Email Solutions for San Diego Businesses

Hosted Email Solutions for San Diego BusinessesEmail is critical to your business.

Whether you need to receive orders, send invoices, or just stay in touch with your customers, having reliable email service is something that cannot be overlooked as a business today.

Contrary to popular belief, feature-rich email solutions aren’t expensive luxuries that only large businesses can afford. All of our hosted email solutions are cost-efficient products that can help your small to midsize business save money & maintain a professional appearance with your customers.

Hosted Email and Exchange setups are a common job that we complete for small to medium businesses all over San Diego County. We can do standard POP hosting, more advanced IMAP or Managed Exchange hosting for seamless synchronization across multiple devices.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft ExchangeGet anytime, anywhere access to your email, contacts, tasks, shared calendars and attachments on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or any other mobile device with internet access.

With Hosted Microsoft Exchange, you can reap the benefits of Exchange without the hassle of managing it. All of the grunt work will be taken care of – that's our job as your Hosted Exchange Provider. You just focus on what's important, which is your business.

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Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange

  • Share Email, Contacts, Calendars & Documents on Hosted Microsoft ExchangeSharing Options
    Streamline collaboration efforts by sharing your contacts, calendars & files.
  • Sync Emails on Hosted Microsoft ExchangeSync Across Mobile Devices
    Sync everything to your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows phones.
  • OWA on Hosted Microsoft ExchangeOutlook Web App (OWA)
    Use your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) to access your email online.
  • Low Costs for Hosted Microsoft ExchangeReduced Costs
    Hosted Exchange works on a pay-as-you-go subscription model starting at $10 per user, per month.
  • Spam Filtering & Antivirus Scanning on Hosted Microsoft ExchangeSpam & Virus Filtering
    Stay protected with state-of-the-art spam filtering services that block junk emails & scan for malware.
  • Data Backup & Redunancy on Hosted Microsoft ExchangeDaily Data Backups
    Your data will be backed up on a regular basis, allowing you to quickly bounce back if disaster strikes.
  • Guaranteed Uptime on Hosted Microsoft Exchange99.999% Guaranteed Uptime
    Having a feature-rich email solution means nothing if your email is down, right?
  • 24/7 Customer Support for Hosted Microsoft Exchange24/7 Live Customer Support
    Easily get in touch with a live customer service representative whenever you need help.

Microsoft Office 365

office-365Looking to move to Microsoft Office 365? We can help you make the move.
Call us at call (858) 268-4774 to discuss Microsoft Office 365 plans or to get a quote on your migration.