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IT Product Procurement

IT Product Procurement

From new servers and workstations to computer peripherals & component upgrades – The Chip Merchant can serve as your single resource for all of your IT product procurement needs. Our goal is to get you the right IT products for the job at the best price for your budget.

Contact us & let us know about your computer hardware & software needs so we can get started.

When it comes time to buy a new computer for your business, do you just go down to a major electronics retailer and pick up the cheapest computer you can find there? Do you find yourself replacing machines regularly due to failures? Do you get at least 3 years of trouble-free use out of your office computers?

If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’re buying the wrong computers.

A lot of the computers you see at major electronics retailers are intended for home use and are built for a lower duty cycle than the average office computer sees. The normal office computer is on a minimum of 10 hours a day, but typically they’re running 24 hours a day.

Naturally, putting this type of strenuous workload on a standard home computer that was not designed for it will result in components failing sooner than you’d expect. This is why you see computer manufacturers like Dell, HP and Lenovo selling business-class machines. They may be more expensive; however, they’re built to last longer.

Sifting through all of the available business-class computers can be daunting task that you can’t afford to spend time on, but you don’t want to continue replacing machines. What option is there?

Let The Chip Merchant take care of your IT product procurement needs.

The Chip Merchant offers IT product procurement services to businesses all over San Diego County.

We can help you with IT product procurement by navigating the hundreds of computer models available and narrowing it down to the computer that will fit your needs and budget. We deal with IT hardware every day, all day. We know all about the latest IT products and we will guide you to make the best IT product investments. Our goal is always to get you the best computer hardware for your needs, for the least money. We’ll never oversell you!

In the event that we are unable to locate the computer that will suit your IT needs, we can build custom OEM computers to meet your required specifications.

Contact us online or call 800-808-2447 to learn more about our San Diego IT product procurement services, or to have us find the right IT product for your business.