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San Diego Project-Based IT Support

San Diego Project-Based IT Support Services

Have an IT project that you or your IT department don't have the resources to do? We provide project-based IT support so you can get the extra manpower or specialized expertise you need to get the job done.

Project-based IT support & service is available for all San Diego businesses and does not require any type of ongoing support or service contract. Call (858) 268-4774 & tell us about your project needs or to learn more about our project-based IT support services.

Do you have an IT project that you need taken care of, but don’t have the knowledge to do it yourself? Or do you have an IT project that you need done that, while it’s not beyond your skill level, you may not have time to tackle? Perhaps you’d just like to hire someone with more IT experience to do that specific job?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, give The Chip Merchant a call. Our project-based IT support services are exactly what you need.

Turn to TCM when you need Project-based IT Support in San Diego

With our project-based IT support services, you can tap into our unparalleled level of expertise in technology solutions to complete a single IT project, like installing a new firewall or setting up a new domain controller.

We’re IT experts, and we have decades of experience with IT projects like these. We know the ins-and-outs of each task, so we know how to do it properly and quickly. We can step in to work with your current IT department to provide project-based IT support and get the job done. We will handle the entire project from start-to-finish, from the initial consultation to planning & design, implementation and support, as necessary.

Just want us to handle setting things up and leave the support & maintenance to your IT department? We document everything we do along the way, so when we are done your current IT group will have the knowledge to continue supporting you. There’s no obligation or pressure to sign up for a monthly managed IT service with us. Should you or your IT department have any questions, or need our assistance with another IT project in the future, we’re just a phone call away.