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Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

Antivirus software serves as an important layer of computer security. Our Managed Antivirus services are designed to ensure that your company machines have the latest antivirus software updates & virus definitions installed.

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We all know that antivirus is important to have on a computer.

A good chunk of computer users simply install it and forget about it, assuming that everything will automatically run smoothly from there. Interaction is typically limited to addressing security alerts and renewing the subscription every year or so.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

In order to ensure full system protection, users must also make sure their antivirus is functioning properly by:

  • Running a full computer scan on a regular basis.
  • Updating virus definitions and always keeping them current.
  • Periodically verify that the antivirus properly reports suspicious files.
  • Checking for items that the antivirus may be blocking but not telling you about.

This list is easily done on a single computer, but what about multiple workstations deployed in a business environment? That’s a lot of work!

Take the Managed Antivirus Route

Keep your servers, desktops and laptops safe with the latest antivirus virus definition updates.With Managed Antivirus, you will get the computer security your organization requires without all of the work that comes with it.

Our Managed Antivirus services allows us to monitor the computers in your business, ensuring that they are up-to-date and fully scanned for malware threats on a regular basis.

Any issues or errors are flagged by the managed antivirus solution and reported to us so we can go in and fix it immediately. Therefore, you can always rest assured that the antivirus solution is working properly and your business computers are protected.

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