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The Chip Merchant can provide comprehensive technology solutions for your needs or your customer’s needs.

Our managed IT solutions can cover all of your technology needs for much less than you think. Set your monthly budget and stop worrying about your technology needs. Managed IT, helpdesk, backup & storage, hardware and network upgrades. Visit our IT solutions section to see what we can do for your business.

Our computer OEM service provides you with the systems that your customers need. This is a cost effective solution to your computer or appliance without getting in the hardware business. The Chip Merchant handles procurement, lifecycle, build, image, distribution, and returns. We can further customize your needs by providing additional services like RMA pool, advanced replacement, and extended warranties including onsite support worldwide. Visit our OEM solutions section.

Tech Industry News

What is “The Cloud”?

I was watching a commercial the other day where a couple is at a crowded airport, and their plane is delayed and they have that “What are we going to do now” look on their faces. The husband looks at the camera and says “To The Cloud”. They then are able to log into their computer at home where they have some TV shows saved, download them to their laptop and have something to do while waiting for the plane, and the day is saved.

“The Cloud” is a general term the computer industry is applying to a device or service that you can connect to from anywhere, so it’s like that “Cloud” overhead that’s always there. There are backup services online like Mozy, Carbonite, etc… that will allow you to backup the data on your computer to their servers in “The Cloud” and they’re responsible for keeping track of your data in case of emergency allowing you to backup your computer from anywhere, and potentially restore from anywhere. Microsoft has a service called “SkyDrive” that (with a Windows Live account) you can have 25GB of storage space in Microsoft’s “Cloud” which again you can access from anywhere, so you can save files there and be able to get to them from anywhere.

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Tech Tips

Remote Control

Many times you might want or need access to a remote (not in your house/work) computer. You may want to access files from home on your work computer or vice versa. Although there are many methods of doing this, perhaps one of the easiest is to use remote software.

A free (for personal, non-business use) solution is Team Viewer.

Simply install the software on both machines you’d like to connect (You’ll need to have physical access to both machines or have someone at the opposite end on the phone). When you launch the application you will get an ID and Password. You simply click connect on the control machine using the ID and password you generated (or assigned) on the remote machine and you’ll have instant connectivity. You can even setup from The Chip Merchant’ unattended support’ so that you don’t need to know the User ID and password of the remote machine which may change after the program is closed or computer restarted. However, you will need access to the ID and Password at least once.

This also works brilliantly for those of us who are Tech Support for family members and need to see what they’re seeing on their computer.

For a more step by step tutorial, see here.