The Chip Merchant

What you might not know about The Chip Merchant…

As The Chip Merchant approaches its 26th year in business, we can’t help it but to look back at our evolution from the early days as a chip and part reseller shop (hence the chip merchant), to the solution provider we are today.

“Yes, we do that too.” — We find ourselves using that phrase quite often with old customers that knew The Chip Merchant as the place to purchase memory back when memory was a luxury. But yes, we do provide a variety of services that most customers are not aware of.

Our company has evolved to become a service provider for the small business, and grown primarily via word of mouth marketing. Now, although overdue, we are taking advantage of the social networking explosion to tell the tale of The Chip Merchant.

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Tech Industry News

Free Antivirus for Small Businesses

A while back Microsoft released an excellent AntiVirus product onto the market known as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), it’s 100% free and one of the higher ranked AV products on the market.

The EULA for the product said that you could only run it on your personal machine, so small businesses (10 PCs or less) were still left with buying AV software for their machines. Well, this month Microsoft gave a present to all those 10 PC or less businesses by amending their EULA to allow installation of MSE for small businesses with up to 10PCs.

Most of us here use MSE at home as our personal AV software of choice (it’s free and works brilliantly, how do you pass that up?) now you can use it at your small business, and either pocket the money you were spending on anti-virus licenses, or put that money towards growing your business, as opposed to paying yet another yearly fee.

Tech Tips

Windows 7: New Feature Spotlight

If you’ve purchased a new computer this year, there’s a very good chance that it came with Windows 7.

Microsoft’s new operating system is packed with new features trying to make your life easier, some of these are simple. Like the new Aero Glass desktop feature which while initially looking like it just provides transparency for your windows, it also allows you some nice productivity features like when dragging a window to one side of the screen or the other, it will “automagically” re-size that window to fill 1/2 the screen which is really nice when you’re trying to compare two documents side-by-side.

There’s also a cool feature where by using “Windows key + Tab” like you’d use “Alt + Tab” you get a nice waterfall affect of windows running on your computer to make it easier to scroll through. If you hover the items on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, you get the ability to view a thumbnail of what’s in that window, including movies that are playing.

Another great new feature with Windows 7 is “Home Groups” and Ars Technica recently wrote a great article about how to use Home Groups to make your life easier. If you have multiple Windows 7 machines at home (laptop and a desktop, or multiple laptops or desktops) it’s definitely worth the time to read through it and perhaps even setup your own Home Group to share documents, music, pictures, video and even printers.