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Customer of the Month: Roger’s Plumbing

For most contractors like me, our office is where the job is, so the challenges of maintaining the books, scheduling and managing projects and personnel, and providing other employees and resources with access to your books and other pertinent information without the right structure and support becomes a logistics and technology nightmare. This is where TCM comes in.

As a typical small business, I had all software and data installed in my computer, with little to no backup, no technical support, and providing other users with access to my valuable information. Frustrated and concerned about my situation, I responded to a TCM cloud solution campaign. Their process was flawless and the solution was just as advertised. TCM built a virtual server in their cloud and provided me, my employees, and accountant with access based on the level of security each needs to do their job, so my data remains confidential. Also, because my virtual server lives in their cloud, it is backed up daily and I can access it 24 x 7 so I am protected and can work from anywhere. TCM also set me up with MS Office and installed all the applications I needed. The implementation process only took a few hours and my environment was up and running promptly, and because their solution is fully managed TCM supports it at no extra cost to me.

TCM really understood my needs and was able to build a solution to match it. I am pleased with their support and strongly recommend them as the IT and cloud provider of choice.

– Roger A. Ramos, President and CEO
Roger’s Plumbing
Lakeside, CA

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Making the Best of DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is a digital directory that translates mnemonic names such as URLs (Ex. ) and Machine names (Ex. ‘Office-Workstation’) into computer usable IP Addresses. By design it’s meant to be behind the scenes and make life easier; you don’t have to remember strings of numbers as it takes care of it for you.

While the purpose and functions of DNS are rudimentary, there are powerful ways to modify what it does to suit your computing:

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