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Customer of the Month: Pristine Planet

We had specific requirements to move the website to new hardware while transitioning the business to a new ownership, and of course, without affecting the operations and taking down the website. The Chip Merchant (TCM) came highly recommended by a local business as a provider of IT services. We had a good experience purchasing computer hardware from TCM in the past, so we decided to contact them. They took the time to advise and educate us and the new ownership on their cloud solution, and recommended it as the best possible option for the transition, and as a strong long term solution for the new ownership. TCM completed the move from physical to virtual with great efficiency and minimum cost, and worked with both ownerships while the business transaction took place. The process was better than advertised, and we truly appreciated their professionalism and attention to detail. They made a transfer that by all accounts could have been a complete nightmare into a seamless transition that went flawlessly.

– Cathy Flinn, Former Owner of Pristine Planet
San Diego, CA

Buying a business does not come without its own challenges and set-backs. When the seller recommended The Chip Merchant (TCM) as their company of choice to support the move, I decided to do my own research to make sure that engage a good team with a strong solution and at the best price. My research led me back to TCM, who helped me understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, particularly when it comes to a small business like Pristine Planet. They made the process simple and worked with all parties to make sure that Pristine Planet would operate non-stop and under the corresponding ownership throughout the transition. I am not a technical person, so having TCM as the technology group to support my organization going forward, provides me with peace of mind and allows me to focus on my new venture. I am pleased to have engaged TCM as the technology provider for Pristine Planet.

– Tim Schultz, Current Owner, Pristine Planet, Inc.
Mill Valley, CA

Pristine Planet is a green comparison shopping engine for eco savvy consumers, helping eco shoppers save time and money since 2004.

Tech Industry News

Section 179 Deductions: Invest In Your Business

As some of you may know, The Chip Merchant has made some significant changes to our business model over the past year.

To complement our core computer hardware business, we made the decision to officially launch our full suite of IT services which we had been providing to our existing customers over the past several years. These services included managed services, helpdesk support, cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery, storage and virtualization.

Many customers wondered if we were looking to get away from hardware and focus solely on IT services. The short answer is no. TCM found itself in a very unique position. Instead of trying to start an IT consulting business from scratch, we had an existing computer hardware business that we could build on with a 25 year history of serving customers nationwide.

As an example of our continuous effort to provide hardware solutions, we have decided to discuss a topic that many businesses can benefit from, but many know little about. What I am referring to is Section 179 of the IRS tax code.

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Tech Tips

Antivirus False Positives

We should all be taking security seriously. As we’ve mentioned before staying on top of security updates is critical as is maintaining an antivirus product. While you should always take the reports of the AV product seriously, sometimes they do miss the mark. They may mark files or processes as malicious when in fact they’re perfectly legitimate

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