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Customer of the Month: Sutherland Management

Sutherland Management Company has been doing business with The Chip Merchant for many years. We have always liked their service and trusted their judgment, but we had never thought we had the need for a monthly service contract to manage our technology. Although we had been discussing business continuity solutions, we never made a decision to move on that direction. But, earlier this year we clearly saw that need when 2 of our hard drives crashed and took our server down. Luckily, TCM was managing our backups so we were able to recover our data, but Dell took a few days to pinpoint the problem and replace the hardware, so we lost work and productivity.

We have seen TCM grow from a chips and part provider into the service and solution provider it is today, so we decided to move to their cloud solution based on our experience with them over the years. We no longer worry about hardware failures, data backup and disaster recovery because TCM takes care of it all, and we can work from anywhere because now we are in the cloud.

It is nice to have a company we have been working with for many years evolve and continue to add products and services that organizations like ours can take advantage of. It is easier to make a transition to someone we know and trust. Thank you TCM.

– Allan Kodicek, Controller, Sutherland Management

Sutherland Management Company is a franchise management firm that manages several San Diego County locations. They provide crucial behind the scenes infrastructure that ensures the seamless operation of the businesses they oversee, resulting in
maximized efficiency for utmost satisfaction of employees and customers alike. Since their digital connectivity is crucial to what they do, we’re honored that they trust us to ensure their digital assets for optimum up-time, ease of use and reliability.

Tech Industry News

Office in the Cloud

Over the past few months, TCM has had an increasing amount of small business customers ask us how they could benefit by moving to the cloud.

These customers, many who work out of a home office, wanted to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing that many enterprise customers now enjoy, but without the requirement of an enterprise sized budget. These customers loved the idea of not having to deal with upfront capital costs for hardware and software, the 24/7 maintenance of their systems, a high speed “always on” network that included backup of their servers and the ability to access their data from virtually anywhere from any PC.

The question was “how can a small business like mine afford to move to the cloud?”

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Tech Tips

The Source of Viruses

We get the question all the time, “How did I get infected with a virus?” While the truth is that there are many possibilities, a recent study takes a little deeper look at the vectors that viruses use to infect target machines.

Ultimately what we can determine is that it isn’t so much what users do with their machines that cause infections. Rather, infections stem from what they forget to do, or don’t do.

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