The Chip Merchant

The Chip Merchant Acquires San Diego Computer Consultants

SAN DIEGO, CA August 16, 2012 – The Chip Merchant, Premiere San Diego Technology Company, Acquires San Diego Computer Consultants. San Diego Computer Consultants (SDCC) has been serving consumers and small businesses in San Diego County since 2005.

“We had very humble beginnings,” said Bill Cumley, owner of SDCC, which has grown into an IT consulting organization that supports hundreds of small businesses, as well as thousands of consumer clients. Voted best PC technicians by San Diego Magazine, SDCC facilities are located just west of Kensington and have become a fixture in the community.

SDCC’s success is primarily a result of their personalized service and outstanding reputation which has spread throughout sites like Yelp and Google. “SDCC’s reputation validates and supports what The Chip Merchant is about,” said Jorge Ruiz de Castilla, The Chip Merchant President and CEO.

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Tech Industry News

Google Fiber

Patience is a Virtue. This is a statement that is becoming increasingly true.

In our day and age we are surrounded by technology, with all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips. There was a time when if you were in deep thought and wanted to know the meaning of the most arbitrary questions, “Why is the sky blue?” You would have to go to the library and study.

Now you whip out your smart phone and speak to it asking all the frivolous questions you can imagine. I remember as a kid I would watch Nick @ Nite and they ran ‘Instant Gratification Sundays’ showing multi-part episodes in a row so you didn’t have to wait. Google is about to lead us down the path where there will be no need for patience.

Last week Google introduced Google Fiber, a project currently in Topeka, Kansas. Still in its experimental stages, Google Fiber hopes to eliminate any wait time for those on the internet. Currently our typical internet speeds can range from 2 Mb/s to 30 Mb/s.

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Tech Tips

Don’t Be Fooled! Misleading Site/Software Practices

Good websites are designed so you can navigate effectively and use visual cues to locate specific elements. The same applies to installing the software; obtaining and using it should be a streamlined process.

In most situations, it is; however, many vendors take advantage of how fast people move to agree to things you aren’t immediately aware of. The consequences of being fooled can range from strange toolbars, altered search settings, unwanted software, annoying alerts to outright viruses.

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