The Chip Merchant

Social Media for Small Businesses: From Us to You

Small businesses are turning more and more to social media to stay connected to their customers both personally and professionally. The Chip Merchant is no exception! Recently, we’ve been working on boosting our social media presence on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog. We’re excited to have the opportunity to keep in touch with our customers and can’t wait to provide you with more tech news, tips, and the chance to get to know us as a company. While social media may not be something we’ve covered before in our newsletters, as a tech company and a small business, we realize the importance of social networking to consumers and small businesses everywhere. Here are some social media tips for you and your business, as well as a look at our own social media experience here at TCM.

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Tech Industry News

Cloud Apps for Your Convenience

Businesses can be funny environments; some of them (ours for example) use a WIDE variety of software packages to provide services to our customers. We have no less than 10 servers here, from FTP, Web, Database, Email, Helpdesk, CRM and others, all of which we can’t function without, and even with consolidating many of those servers in a normal day at work each of our employees will touch 3-5 different applications on different servers for different purposes. But what if your company primarily uses only one or two applications, and what if those applications are locked up in an office building somewhere and you have to use GoToMyPC or a similar program to access your desktop, to access the software you use? Or worse yet, do you have to physically go into the office to run a single program? Wouldn’t it be easier to consolidate your environment into a single location you can access anytime and anywhere?

There’s a solution for that…

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Tech Tips

UPS Delivers Uptime

Think about how you or your business works. To what extent would an outage affect your operation and what would be the consequences? Uninterruptible power supplies could be the solution for you.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can save critical machines from losing power in the event of an outage. They essentially operate like a laptop’s battery; when you pull a laptop’s power cord out of the machine while it’s running, the operation of the computer isn’t interrupted up to the limits of the battery capacity.

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