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Is an “Ultrabook” Your Next Portable Computer?

Notebooks have seen many changes in their lifetime, from the early 80s when they barely qualified as “luggable” let alone “portable” to the super small Netbooks that have been quite the rage recently with their Intel Atom CPUs, and 7, 9 or 11″ screens and low prices. The problem has been that a Netbook is too small and doesn’t have all the desktop features that a user would want, OR the laptop you just purchased is too big, and not portable enough to take with you when you go…

Intel feels your pain in this area, and this year (2012) they’ve dubbed the “Year of the Ultrabook”. What is an “Ultrabook” you ask? Let’s look at what this new marketing term means to us in a hardware sense.

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Tech Tips

Making Use of Solid State Drives (SSDs)

SSDs aren’t new, but with the recent spike in platter Hard Disk pricing due to flooding in Thailand they’ve been an increasingly common choice in our builds. Depending on your use of the machine, it may make sense for you too even as pricing on Hard Disks (HDDs) come down. The main difference between HDDs and SSDs is…

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