The Chip Merchant

Customer Spotlight: GreenBox Art

It is our company’s aim to link today’s working artists and people seeking expression for their walls that will mirror their individuality, alter the room’s mood and perhaps provoke a conversation. For over 14 years we have been providing appropriate and engaging art offerings for each stage of life.

Although we are not strangers to technology, as we grew, so did our increasing need for automation, IT knowledge, standardization, and support. With last year’s blackout our vulnerabilities surfaced, we were not prepared to overcome a disaster, so we began focusing internally on how to protect our data and cover the basics, trying to come up to speed while continuing to run our business…

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Tech Industry News

Windows 8 – A New Era for Personal Computing

Windows 8, the bold, new redesigned Operating System has just been released by Microsoft and is the company’s vision in reshaping the computer industry. The way we work on PCs is about to change, and is such a grand departure from prior versions of Windows that most users will hardly recognize it as Windows at all.

In an era where tablets and smartphones have become integrated in our daily lives, Microsoft has taken an enormous gamble by redesigning Windows with a colorful touch-screen interface. Microsoft took everything that they learned in their well-received Windows Phone 7 operating system, and applied it to the desktop interface on Windows 8. Released alongside Windows 8, is Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which is set to compete against Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire…

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Tech Tips

Windows 8 – Is it worth it?

Microsoft’s new OS was released last Friday. The question many have is if whether or not Windows 8 offers features that make it worth having. Windows 8 may not offer enough features to warrant upgrading a Windows 7 or earlier machine. Prospecting new PC purchasers might want to wait for it to appear on a system that meets other core needs (Performance, features, price, etc.).

Below are some of the new features we feel are most useful for end-users…

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