OEM Computers
OEM Computers

San Diego's Trusted OEM Solution Provider

We have over 10-years of experience building high-quality, cost-effective OEM computers that will fulfill all of your computing requirements.

Explore our OEM services and let us know what OEM solution we can assemble for you.

As a OEM solution provider, we focus on analyzing our client’s specific needs – from software & hardware requirements to industry trends & product cost – to build a superior, budget-friendly computer appliance that will fulfill all of their requirements.

We have been building OEM computers for over 10 years and we serve companies in medical, gaming, telecom,  and security industry.

We understand that you need the right hardware to run your product properly, market it successfully and ultimately compete effectively in your market. That’s why our OEM service offerings include labeling, imaging, materials planning and procurement, distribution, extended warranties, branding, packaging, warehousing, RMA and support services, and more. Each OEM computer we build is put through a rigorous testing process that includes advanced memory testing for a minimum of 24 hours.

We base our success on our collective ability to embrace and prioritize your concerns, leverage your industry knowledge and our expertise in technology to provide the best OEM solution for your product.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your OEM computer needs.

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