With over 10 years of experience on building custom original equipment manufacturer (OEM) computers in San Diego, we’ve developed a streamlined process that allows us to roll computers out of our office.

OEM Custom Build Process

Each OEM custom built computer is built the same – from BIOS version and settings to hardware and external labels – so there are no surprises for you, like a different component or setting that deviates from the required specifications.

Every OEM computer we custom build goes through a stringent build process with checks along the way to ensure that everything is done & functioning as expected.

All OEM Custom Builds are Tested for Reliability & Performance

We use top-quality Crucial RAM in every computer that gets built here and run Memtest to ensure that there are no memory errors before we proceed with the build.

Once the OEM build tests are complete, we move the computer to our “Burn-In” room to run full system burn-in diagnostics for a minimum of 24 hours, or to customer specifications. This step is important to predict any “early life” failures in the hardware so that we can swap defective parts before you receive the build.

After the OEM builds pass the testing phase, they undergo a full quality assurance (QA) check before being boxed up for shipment. That way we know that the systems are operating as expected and ready for use.

Contact us online or call (800) 808-2447 to learn more about our custom OEM build options or to have us build a custom OEM computer for you.