Do you need a fleet of identically customized OEM builds?  The Chip Merchant can work with you on building a custom software image for your OEM computers.

With custom imaging, all of your OEM computers will leave our office fully configured and loaded with your software. This is a win for our customers as their OEM computers will be ready to go upon approval.

Custom Imaging for OEM Computers

We can deploy OEM Windows 7 or even Windows XP Pro Embedded, provided that your product meets Microsoft’s requirements for it.

If you have a custom image that you need loaded on your OEM computers (Linux or other), then we can still do our normal burn-in testing on your computers. The computers can either be wiped before they are shipped out or we can simply load your custom installation beforehand.

Contact us online or call us (800) 808-2447 to learn more about our OEM services including custom imaging.