Need an OEM computer built, but not necessarily sure of what components to select? The Chip Merchant excels at providing the right OEM system configuration at the right price.

Our 10 years of experience as an OEM solution provider has granted us the ability to build a high-quality, long life OEM computer that suits your budget simply by reviewing your requirements and needs.

We understand that not every system configuration needs a high-end CPU or tons of RAM and we have no interest in overselling you on a system that’s configured with more than what you need. If your computing needs can be met with a system configuration consisting of off-the-shelf parts, then that’s what we’ll use.

There’s No OEM System Configuration We Can’t Handle

We also work with a variety of manufacturers in different verticals. That means that if we can’t build what you’re looking for, we know who to talk to find the right product for you.

In the end, all OEM computers we sell go through our standard QC process to ensure 100% functionality as you would expect on every unit.

Contact us or call (800) 808-2447 to learn more about our OEM services or to have us get started on a custom OEM build for you.